Homeland Cast

homeland cast


Claire Danes and Damien Lewis star in the cast of Homeland, a show about Homeland Security, Al-Qaeda, espionage and double agents, on Showtime. Renewed for a third season, Homeland’s first two seasons focus on Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), as a CIA agent on probation who has been returned to assignment in the US, and Nicholas Brody (Damien Lewis) as a war hero who might have turned as an an Al-Qaeda operative.

Before staring as the lead in the Homeland cast, Claire Danes began her acting career growing up in front of a generation, starting at 15 years old when she starred in the short lived but critically acclaimed television drama “My So Called Life”. Damien Lewis has had a career as an actor on British Television as far back as the early 1990′s. Damien Lewis’s first major role in a US production was in Stephen Spielberg’s HBO mini-series Band of Brothers, in which he played real life war hero Major Richard Winters.

In Homeland, Claire Danes plays Carrie Mathison, a CIA agent who while operating in Iraq overstepped her bounds by getting unauthorized access to an Iraqi prisoner. This prisoner has disclosed to her that Al-Qaeda had turned a American prisoner or war. Carrie Mathison possesses several personal failings and character flaws in that she self-medicates for bipolar disorder with sedatives and prior to returning to the US, where now works in counter-terrorism in Langley Virginia as an agent on probation, she had sexual relations with her now boss, a factor in the break up of his marriage.

As the character of Nicholas Brody, a war hero and possible Al-Qaeda conspirator in this Showtime drama, actor Damien Lewis fills a complicated role as a former prisoner of war, who comes home as a war hero, but who has sympathies for his form captor in Iraqi. At the end of the first season of Homeland, Nicholas Brody forgoes carrying out a suicide bombing plot and instead works to effect the US government from the inside by using his war hero status to get elected to Congress.

Other distinguished actors playing roles in the Homeland cast are Showtime alum Morena Baccarin, British actor Dave Harwood, and Diego Klattenhoof. Morena Baccarin plays Jessica Brody, Nicholas Brody’s wife. She previously starred in Showtime’s Stargate SG-1. Dave Harwood plays David Estes, Carrie Matheson’s boss and past love interest. Diego Klattenhoff plays Major Mike Faber, Nicholas Brody’s best friend.

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